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Summary of Zoning Districts

Summarized below are some general examples of land uses permitted in the commercial zoning districts of the City of Mansfield, Texas. This summary is for illustration only. Please refer to the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance for complete and specific information on Permitted Use Regulations plus Area and Height Regulations provided by the City of Mansfield Planning and Zoning Department, 817-276-4200.

C-2, Community Business District

General Purpose: To establish and preserve general commercial areas consisting of shopping facilities where customers reach individual business establishments primarily by automobile, and to provide for other kinds of uses in compatible circumstances.

Permitted Land Use: Include medical and professional offices, grocery stores, florists, drug stores, restaurants, gas stations, theaters, department stores, hotels, motels, bowling alleys, warehouses, hardware stores, and other retail and service type businesses. No residential use is permitted.

Maximum Height: 45 feet, except that hospitals or public buildings may be erected to a height not exceeding 55 feet when the front, rear and side yards are each increased by an additional foot for each foot that each building exceeds 45 feet in height. Developments that involve buildings higher than 55 feet will require additional Industrial or Planned zoning approval.

I-1, Light Industrial District

General Purpose and Description: To establish and preserve industrial areas consisting of manufacturing, assembling and fabrication activities that are predominantly light, non-offensive and non-hazardous in nature, as well as commercial uses which are most appropriately located as neighbors of industrial uses or which are necessary to service the immediate needs of people in these areas.

Permitted Land Uses: Include all uses permitted in commercial districts that do not require specific use permits, plus manufacturing of small appliances, computers, electronic components, furniture, textile or garment, dairy and paper products, metal fabrication, mobile home manufacturing and repair, tire re-treading and capping, food processing and electro-plating. No residential use is permitted.

Maximum Height: No maximum height limit imposed by the Zoning Ordinance. Further, this includes unlimited height and composition (i.e. glass, granite, or another skin material).

Commercial Office Buildings: Lockwood has dedicated 50% of all C-2 and I-1 zoned parcels to Commercial Office Building use. Please refer to maps herein provided. (Coming Soon)

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